There Is No Key To Happiness, The Door Is Always Open

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About the Book


I have been through many challenges, obstacles and some really strange situations throughout my life. Along the way I have been fortunate enough to not only live through them, but also have been given the opportunity to share with you what I have learned. I have found a great place to be in my life, and been taught ways to overcome my weaknesses, strengthen my love for life and find contentment and inner peace. I decided to write this book after I overcame an event that almost ended my life. I was told I could only keep what I can give away, so it is within these pages that I hope to pass along that gift to you. Life is a strange process, not an event. It comes with many twists and turns.



Ultimately though, you have the ability to make your life whatever you choose it to be, and how you process the events of your life are totally up to you. You already possess the ability and power to shape those events and use them to your advantage, or you can let them destroy you, shatter your dreams and remove your love for life. The choice is yours.  It is my sincere intention that you find this book inspirational and I am able to pass along some thoughts and tools that you can apply to your own life, and achieve the peace and serenity that I have found in mine.



About the Author


I was born in Orange County, California and have always had a love for the outdoors and the ocean. I started learning about business early in life on the job sites of my fathers construction company, and always enjoyed the satisfaction and pride I got from building new construction projects. In grade school I became interested in computers and the new technologies that were being introduced and immediately realized the advantages of using them in business and construction. I actively pursued these technologies and achieved a level of proficiency that was precursor or to what is now the Internet. I was one of the many of the first members of FIDONET, the world’s first global network long before the Internet was introduced to the general public. I take great pride in helping pioneer that technology that has now changed the world, as we know it forever.


In 1991 I decided I wanted a change and moved to Las Vegas. I currently live in the Summerlin area with my wife, and my two children. I enjoy flying all types of aircraft, golf; water sports, snow skiing, traveling, and spending time with my family. Currently I am a instrument rated aircraft pilot and use that ability to volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol. When time allows I do my best to be involved with the community, charities and other organizations that attempt to bring a better quality of life to those less fortunate. I truly have been blessed with so much in my life; I wanted to give back what I have been given. It was in this spirit that I decided to write this book. May you find peace, happiness and self-love in your life May you be inspired.


Inclusion in the Public Library




We are proud to announce that the book has been accepted for inclusion in the Clark County Library District Collection.








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May 7, 2007Reviewed by Narissa Johnson for Reader Views  ThereIsNoKeyToHappinessGohresReview


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