Music Terminal


Frozen in time, July 7th, 1990 

Node 1:103/912 - Laguna Niguel, California

SysOp: Marc Gohres


The \UTILITY directory of Music Terminal, FidoNet Node 1:103/912 on July 7th, 1990

Please note that all of these files run under MS-DOS, before the Microsoft Windows platform emerged. They are still executable IF you know what you are doing and are familiar with MS-DOS. Extraction of files is executed using the MS-DOS program LH113C.EXE

LH113C.EXE does accept wildcard variable’s such as *.lzh for multiple extraction or use in a batch file. The .LZH files below also can also be extracted using Winzip or similar Windows programs

We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the archived programs. They are presented here for historical purposes and for those who are competent to use them. 


- ษอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ Utility Programs                               

- ฬอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออสอออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ                                                                        

- บ Files with .LZH extensions are file archives. You need the program     

- บ LH113C.EXE to extract the programs from the .LZH file.                 

- บ                                                                        

- ศอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออผ


- This is the program you need to extract programs from .LZH files.


LH113C.EXE Download and run. Self-extracting, makes LHARC !!



- Filename    Size   Description of file

------------- ------ --------------------------------------------------------

ANSI364.LZH ANSI 3.64-character definitions.

ASCIITAB.LZH Prints standard and IBM ASCII character charts.

ASMGEN.LZH Generates cross-ref. Assembly code from exe files

ASSIST.LZH Resident & non-resident DOS help.

BUSPERF.LZH AT / XT Bus performance.

COMSPEC4.LZH Lets you specify where DOS looks for COMMAND.COM

CTRLLOC.LZH Disables the CTRL key.

CURSOR.LZH Restores cursor after graphics, ect.

DDATE.LZH Remembers last system reboot.

DDUTILS.LZH Various DOUBLEDOS utils. also I/O redirection.

DL.LZH Mass delete utility with verify and wildcards supported.

EASIERKY.LZH Set function keys from AUTOEXEC.BAT File, or DOS.

FECHO.LZH Echo's standard INPUT to the screen.

FSDEBUG.LZH Full screen debugger for IBM PC.

INTRCPTX.LZH Allows DD disk to be used with AT 720K drive.

IOLITE.LZH Puts a disk IO lite in the upper right corner.

KBFIX3.LZH 127 type ahead buffer keyboard enhancement and more!

KEYCLICK.LZH Keyclick driver for IBM and compatibles.

MAGLOC.LZH Several levels of password protection.

MAP.LZH Great utility for DOS.

MFPLUS.LZH Ramdisk/Print spooler and clock utils for AST 6-pak cards

MTS.LZH Multi-Tasking Software for IBM pc's.

NEW_MORE.LZH "More" utility with search string.

NEW_MOVE.LZH Complete move utility >1 source path...

NMIEXIT.LZH Saves your system from hanging up.

PC2TIME.LZH Multitasking program. run 2 progs at once!!

PCSWP21.LZH New version of pcswp disk utility.

PCTOOLS.LZH A nifty friend for your DOS.

PMOUSE.LZH Let's your joystick emulate a mouse!

PUSHPOP.LZH Capture and re-display screen images.

STACK.LZH Neat way to "stack" pc-dos commands.

TABS.LZH Translates tabs to spaces in text files.

TEE.LZH redirect standard i/o to file as well as see it.

TIMPARK1.LZH New version of Timepark.


UNCRASH.LZH Allows you to ctrl-break from endless loops.


- Archive, Squeeze and Packing Utilities


LH113C.EXE Download and run. Self-extracting, makes LHARC !!


ALUSQ.COM SUPER **FAST** unsqueezer.

ARCE123.LZH Superfast archive extraction utility.

ARC520.COM ARC version 5.20  Needed for file extraction.

DISKSQ.LZH Squeeze an entire disk in 1 operation.

LU.LZH Library utility

LUE193.LZH Fast library file extracting utility

MARC500.LZH Merges ARC files - From authors of ARC.

PKXARC.LZH **FAST** Arc file extractor with redirection.

PKXARC30.LZH New version of PKYARC extractor.

SQ.LZH Squeezer used with USQ.COM or ALUSQ.COM.

USQ.COM Unsqueezer that goes with above.


- Batch File Utilities


ASK.LZH Adds ASK command to batch files.

BATUTL.LZH The extended batch file language.

CASE.LZH Changes cursor shape.

CV.LZH Lets you insert/modify the volume labels on your drives.

EBL.LZH Extended batch file language

ERRLEV.LZH Set error level to specified value.

GETKEY.LZH Allows Batch files to use key input immediately

RESPONSE.LZH Ask Y/N in batch file programs.

SOUNDS.LZH Various sounds for programs and batch files.


- CPU Utilities


CPUID.LZH Displays CPU chip types.

CPUMHZ.LZH Displays Microprocessor clock speed.

CPUTIMER.LZH Displays clock speed of CPU.

DISPRE.LZH Display 8088 registers after being loaded.

GRAFMEM.LZH Graphs memory partitions, maps and info.

INT13.LZH Use interrupt 13.

INTELNEC.LZH Test for Intel or NEC V-series chip.

KINDCHIP.LZH Reports which 8088 chip is intalled in your machine.

MEMGRAF.LZH A Awesome real-time resident CPU register status graphics!

SPEED99.LZH The LANDMARK CPU SPEED TEST!! Ver. 0.99 (Realtime display)

TEST8087.LZH Test you 8087 co-processor with long division.

TIMER.LZH Shows CPU "run time" of command that follows. GOOD!!

V20DEBUG.LZH Debug for NEC V-20 processor.

V20TIMER.LZH CPU Execution timer, modified for NEC V-20 chip.


- Diagnostic Utilities


ALIGN.LZH Align floppy heads from console.

BENCH.LZH Benchmark programs for various aspects of yer computer.

CHECKOUT.LZH Check out all equipment attached to your PC

COLDBOOT.LZH Causes a cold boot from DOS.

COMSTAT.LZH Display status of the com ports.

CORELOOK.LZH Looks into memory core for strings and stuff.

DEV2.LZH Reports installed device drivers.

DIPSET.LZH Returns settings of your DIP switches.

DISKETP.LZH Core diskette drive timing.

DISKORAY.LZH Checks Floppy drive speed.

DISKP.LZH Hard Disk benchmark tester.

DISKTEST.LZH Time hard disk read/write access.

DISKTYPE.LZH Displays disk format.

DOSKNOWS.LZH Gives info about system and DOS.

EQUIP102.LZH Current hardware summary of your computer

GETKEY.LZH Allows batch files to use key input immediately.

HARDDATA.LZH Display stats of hard drive and DOS.

MEMSCAN.LZH Displays memory in a chart showing usage.

PCS.LZH Displays PC system status.

PRODIAGS.LZH A professional diagnostics program.

RAMHAM.LZH Dynamically tests ALL of your RAM.

RMAP.LZH Shows resident program/partition map.

SIT.LZH VERY FAST Seagate HD park utility. Works on other HD's too.

SPEED.LZH A good minidisk RPM test with real-time display

SYSTEM36.LZH Display's various AT system info. Ver. 3.6

WARMBOOT.LZH Causes a warm boot from DOS.


- Directory Utilities


AD.LZH Alphabetizes your current directory before display

CHGVOLID.LZH Changes volume ID on floppies or Hard disk. GOOD!

CHKDIR.LZH  Like CHKDSK but for directories.

DIRA.LZH Best of DIR ARCv and Whereis all in one!

DOWN.LZH Utility to move you "down" to the next subdir.

DPATH.LZH Allows PROGRAMS to search other directories. (WordStar!)

FILES.LZH List's file directory in different formats.

FINDUP35.LZH Finds and lists duplicate files on disk. (ver 3.5)

LABEL.LZH Change/install floppy or hard disk volume labels.

LS.LZH UNIX style directory lister.

LSD.LZH Graphic image of disk tree directory.

MOVE.LZH Move files in-between directories with COPY.

RED.LZH "Moves" files from subdir to subdir. w/source & docs.

SDIR50.LZH Various sorted and formatted directory listings.

SDL30.LZH Another multi-format directory sorting display.

SEARCH.LZH Search for a file in multiple directories.

TD.LZH A multi-featured DOS "Tree" utility.

VOLSER.LZH Alter/Create disk volume labels.


- Disk Utilities


800II140.LZH Format 360K floppies to 800K !!

ABFORMAT.LZH Format A: & B: at the same time.

ALSEARCH.LZH Search's indicated drives for file(s).

AUTO31.LZH (Auto menu Ver 3.1) Set up menu driven systems.

BSI.LZH Modify boot sector on floppies.

CATALOG.LZH Program for cataloging disks.

CLEAN.LZH Nice program to clean your floppy drives.

CLIP.LZH Name / Rename disk utility.

CMP.LZH File compare utility.

DISKBKUP.LZH Fast hard disk backup utility and docs.

DISKTYPE.LZH Reports what disk format you have installed.

DSTAT.LZH Report number of floppies needed for hard disk backup

FAT_FIX.LZH Repair the damaged FAT area on your disk.

FIX.LZH Undelete erased files.

FORMAT21.LZH Fix to prevent accidental hard disk format.

FRAM010.LZH Ramdisk from the makers of FANSI.

HDCACHE.LZH Cache buffer for hard dish. Increases hd xfers.

INTRLV.LZH Modify interleave factor on your hard disk.

LLFDFMT.LZH Low level fixed disk formatter for IBM.

LOCK.LZH Lock a disk file.

PLEASE.LZH Hide and unhide files from DOS directories.

PLEEZ.LZH Similar to PLEASE.COM, but accepts wildcards.

SCAVENGE.LZH Finds bad sectors and maps them out. Ver 2.0

SETRAM.LZH Set up and remove ramdisk without re-boot.

STATE.LZH Checks to see if file exists or not on disk.

STUFIT.LZH Moves programs to inner tracks for speed.


- File Utilities


ASCII.LZH Displays ASCII strings in specified file.

ASCIIHEX.LZH Changes .EXE & .COM to ASCII and back.

ATR.LZH Changes many file attributes.

BACKSTAT.LZH Lists files not backed up.


CHK4BOMB.LZH Checks ANY program for "Trojan horse" code.

CR_FIX.LZH Adds C/R and Form Feeds to text files that have none.

FDATE.LZH Allows you to change the time/date stamp on files.

HIDESEEK.LZH Find and alter hidden files.

LIST.LZH Scrolls through ASCII files. (Like type but better)

LIST_6.LZH Like type but pages and uses wildcards.

MAKERE.LZH Make ANY text file a readable .COM file.

NEW.LZH Display files created since specified date.

PLIST2.LZH Paged text file lister.

READEXE.LZH Display info. about an .EXE file.

SEEALL.LZH Displays ALL attributes of a text file.

SPACEMKR.LZH Converts .EXE files to .COM to save space.

TOUCH.LZH Unix like util to update file time/date stamp to todays.

TXTF.LZH New version of Textform. (with docs).

TY.LZH let's you type a squeezed file.

UNDELETE.LZH Program to un-delete deleted files.

UNDOBACK.LZH Undo "Backup" files without using restore command.

VF.LZH Very good MS-DOS file utility! (Vfiler ver 2.8)

WASH.LZH A great multi-function file utility.

WHEREIS4.LZH Version 4 of

XX.LZH Very handy wildcard file utility for ALL subdirs.


- Memory Utilities


704K.LZH Device Driver to use 704K bytes in your PC.

ANSI2K.LZH Enlarges memory of ANSI.SYS driver.

MEMORY.LZH Allows you to change amount of K from DOS.

MEMSIZE.LZH Reports disk memory size.

MORERAM.LZH Access ALL your RAM and fast boot too!

MTEST125.LZH Very fast and thorough RAM test!

PEPORES.LZH Resident memory peeking program

RAM.LZH Ramdisk with online size change.

RAMFREE.LZH Gives K of available ram. (fast!)

XMEM.LZH Displays status of extended memory.


- Screen Utilities


AMBER.LZH Turns color monitor into amber monitor.

AURORA.LZH Set's F/B/B colors from console or batch.

BACKSCRL.LZH Allows backward/forward scrolling of screen text.

BLANK.LZH Blanks color monitors after 5 min.

BURN21.LZH An excellent screen blanker. Works on Zenith HS-151 PC

BW.LZH Strips colors from programs for monochrome monitor use.

COLOR.LZH Set screen color with ANSI.SYS

COLORBLK.LZH Blanks color monitors after 5 mins of no use.

COLORSET.LZH Change and set colors from DOS.

CUTPASTE.LZH Save part of screen.

DIMIT.LZH Stops screen from being "burned out".

FASTSCR.LZH Utility to speed up video display.

FCON115.LZH Fast console ver 1.5 - (Device driver).

HGCIBM21.LZH Runs CGA on hercules. Works for self booting disks too!

KOLOR.LZH Allows setting of screen colors at DOS level.

PRTSC.LZH Screendump for HERCULES graphics.

RAW.LZH Speeds up color monitor scrolling.

SCRN.LZH Blanks screen after non-use of system after x minutes.

SCRN_GEN.LZH Generates screens for programmers.

SCRNDUMP.LZH Prints graphic screens from HERCULES cards.

SIMCGA40.LZH Emulates color graphics on a TTL monitor. Works good!

SPEEDKEY.LZH DOS Cursor accelerator.

WAITASEC.LZH Screen saver. Invoked via Keyboard.







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