Music Terminal


Frozen in time, July 7th, 1990 

Node 1:103/912 - Laguna Niguel, California

SysOp: Marc Gohres


The \MAC directory of Music Terminal, FidoNet Node 1:103/912 on July 7th, 1990

We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the archived programs. They are presented here for historical purposes and for those who are competent to use them.


Macintosh File Area


Welcome to The Music Terminal's Macintosh Desktop Media file section. Here

you can upload and download public domain software. This area is primarily

"Desktop Media" based so you can use this board as a forum for obtaining

utilities, hints and tips, etc. in this area.


All of the data in this area is for MACINTOSH computers, any questions

should be sent to Mike Briscoe, Macintosh Forum Sysop.


Files with .SIT extensions are compressed with STUFFIT, and need to

be unpacked before use. If you have problems or questions, leave

Mike a message in the MAC message area.


If you upload to this area, make sure that you use MS-DOS filename


8 characters max ---------^ ^------- 3-character extention


GIF pictures are available in the IMAGE area .

* Use the "A" command to change file areas.


- File Size Description of File

------------- ------ --------------------------------------------------------

BATMAN.SIT EPS file of Batman logo, plus startup screens.

COLOPHON.SIT Colophon Alphabet. 26 short ps programs from Adobe.

DESKPICT.SIT DeskPicture. Display color pictures on the desktop.

DINO.SIT Dinos eps. Epsf files of two dinosaurs.

DISKDUP.SIT DiskDup +. Great for 1 floppy macs. Duplicates disks.

DISKRANG.SIT DiskRanger 3.1. Disk cataloging with DA search.

FHEFFECT.SIT FreeHand Effects. Adds additional effects to freehand.

FORMATER.SIT Fast Formatter. Adds FKEY to reformat disks FAST!

HCARD.SIT HyperCard 1.2. The Apple update of HyperCard 1.2.

HPOPMENU.SIT HPopUp Menus. Add hexarchies pop up menus to HyperCard.

JULIE.SIT Julie. A good scan of a nude blonde in MacPaint.

LASER.TXT LaserWriter Utilities. PostScript file of various utilities.

LASERUTL.SIT Download these to your LaserWriter. Shuts off test page.

MACBBS.NUM A Few numbers of BBS's that run on MAC's

MENUMAST.SIT Menu Master DA. A DA that modifies your menus.

PACKIT.BIN PackIt. Macintosh Archiving utility.

PICACALC.SIT Pica Calculator DA. Converts inches to picas, etc.

PRINTDL.SIT Download. For downloading non-Adobe fonts to your printer.

PROPWHEE.SIT Proportion Wheel. Calc DA for scaling photos.

QFOLDER.SIT Q Folder. Create a folder from the standard file dialog.

SOUNDMAS.SIT SoundMaster. CDEV assigns SoundEdit files to task

SOUNDMOV.SIT SoundMover. Utilities for converting sound files to snd.

STUFFIT.MAC Use this to unstuff archived files.

STUFHELP.SIT StuffIt Help DA. A DA for help with StuffIt.

SUPERCLK.SIT SuperClock. A CDEV that installs a great menubar clock.

TAKELET.SIT Take a Letter. Turns TEXT files into stand alone READ ME's.

TIFTOTIF.SIT .TIF to TIFF. Converts MSDOS .tif to Mac TIFF format.

UNSTUFF.SIT UnStuff. DA that unstuffs StuffIt archives.

VIEWEPS.SIT View EPS/MacPaint DA. View these files easily.



BARK SOUND: Like a dog

FART SOUND: ok, who did it?

SPLAT SOUND: nice squishy SPAT sound.








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