Music Terminal


Frozen in time, July 7th, 1990 

Node 1:103/912 - Laguna Niguel, California

SysOp: Marc Gohres


The \HUMOR directory of Music Terminal, FidoNet Node 1:103/912 on July 7th, 1990

Please note that all of these files run under MS-DOS, before the Microsoft Windows platform emerged. They are still executable IF you know what you are doing and are familiar with MS-DOS. Extraction of files is executed using the MS-DOS program LH113C.EXE

LH113C.EXE does accept wildcard variable’s such as *.lzh for multiple extraction or use in a batch file. The .LZH files below also can also be extracted using Winzip or similar Windows programs

We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the archived programs. They are presented here for historical purposes and for those who are competent to use them. 


- ษอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ Humor Database                                 

- ฬอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออสอออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ                                                                        

- บ Read the following at your own risk.                                   

- บ I just provide them to you to laugh at, if your offended, hang up!     

- บ                                                                        

- บ You need to use the "T" command to                                     

- บ read the following files listed below online....                       

- บ                                                                        

- ศอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออผ


- File         Size    Date      Description of File

-------------  ------  --------  --------------------------------------------

BATHROOM.TXT Jokes from those sacred walls.

BOMB.IT A do-it-yourself Atomic Bomb kit.

CATS.TXT 10 tips on being a Cat.

EDDY.TXT Read aloud to decipher the fairy tale...

FUCK.IT Well?? Why don't you FUCKIN read it??

LITEBULB.JOK A big collection of light bulb jokes.

ONELINER.TXT A collection of famous one liners. (Funny stuff)

PROGRAMR. What "Real" Programmers do and don't do..

RACY.BOK What Some publicists DON'T do to sell a story.

SYSOPS. What "Real" SysOp's do and don't do...







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