Music Terminal


Frozen in time, July 7th, 1990 

Node 1:103/912 - Laguna Niguel, California

SysOp: Marc Gohres


The \GRAPHICS directory of Music Terminal, FidoNet Node 1:103/912 on July 7th, 1990

Please note that all of these files run under MS-DOS, before the Microsoft Windows platform emerged. They are still executable IF you know what you are doing and are familiar with MS-DOS. Extraction of files is executed using the MS-DOS program LH113C.EXE

LH113C.EXE does accept wildcard variable’s such as *.lzh for multiple extraction or use in a batch file. The .LZH files below also can also be extracted using Winzip or similar Windows programs

We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the archived programs. They are presented here for historical purposes and for those who are competent to use them. 

- ษอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ IBM PC Graphics Database                       

- ฬอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออสอออออออออออออออออออออออป

- บ                                                                        

- บ Files with .LZH extensions are file archives. You need the program     

- บ LH113C.EXE to extract the programs from the .LZH file.                  

- บ Digitized Pictures (MAC, GIF, BLOAD, DGI) are located in area 19       

- ศอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออผ


- Filename    Size   Description of file:

------------- ------ -------------------------------------------------------

3D_CAD.LZH VGA 3-D CAD System for IBM PC's.

3DDEMO.LZH 3-D Demo of 5 different rotating objects.

3DWAVE.LZH A NEAT animated fractal terrain wave!!

ANSIDR24.LZH Creates ANSI screen graphics.

BLACK1.LZH Grid distorted black hole gravity plot!

BOOM22.LZH Color graphics FIREWORKS show! Neat Graphics!

CLOCK.LZH Creates a graphic digital clock on screen.

CLUSTER.LZH Simulates motion of objects in outer space.

FRACTAL.LZH Displays 3-D fractal terrain plots!

FRACTALS.LZH Fractal terrain plots in FORTRAN source.

FRACTG.LZH Fractal cluster program.

FRAINT.LZH FRACTINT Ver. 8.1 fractal display program.

GLOBE.LZH Color graphic display of rotating planet.

GREET.LZH A nice lady to greet ya.. (heh heh heh)

HERCSV.LZH Screen blanker for HERCULES card

IMAGE3-D.LZH Lets you draw 3-D images. EGA required.

ISLAND.LZH Creates awesome fractal terrain plots of islands!!

JOYSET.LZH BASIC program to calibrate/test joystick(s)

JOYCALB.LZH Joystick test/calibrate program.

KAL.LZH Kaleidoscope program for the IBM pc


MAZE.LZH A REALLY GOOD Maze generator. Hi-Res Graphics.

MB3.LZH Mandelbrot set\zoom program for 640x200 IBM display.

MIND.LZH One of the best graphic demo programs I've run!

MONTEEN.LZH Graphics display program.

MTBUILD.LZH Creates Mountain terrain fractal plots.

P_SEE.LZH Microworks video camera to PC digitizer ver. 1.5

PC_DRAW.LZH IBM drawing program for text and graphics.

SATSONG.LZH Picture of Saturn (Graphics required)

SCREDIT.LZH Create text and graphic screens. With .bat support.

SINE.LZH Peaky graphic display to numb your brain.

SPIRO.LZH Graphics program that draws "spirographs".

STARS.LZH Star plotting program for anywhere on the globe

UC3D.LZH You see three dee... UC3D.. neat 3-D demo.

VIDCHEM.LZH A video chemistry lab..

WORKOUT.LZH A "interesting" animation of a "workout"!

WORLD.LZH Plots surface maps for any location on earth GOOD!!!

WORLD3D.LZH Plots the earth in 3D from any position.


- 3-D Wire Frame Graphics


3D2.LZH Creates 3-D pictures. (C/G required)

4POINT.LZH Four-point graphics program with demo.

CRYSTAL.LZH Awesome animated 3-D graphic wire frames. (8087 helps)

DANCAD.LZH 3-D Wire frame CAD system with animation.

FRACTAL.LZH Displays 3-D Fractal terrain plots. VERY GOOD!!

FRACTALS.LZH Fractal terrain graphics in FORTRAN source.

PLOT.LZH Various 3-D wire frame demos. With C Source.

SHUTTLE.LZH Plots the space shuttle from any angle or view.

TUMBLE16.LZH Tweak on 3-D shapes spinning in space.. GOOD!


- Drawing and paint programs.


DRAW1.LZH A really good draw/paint program. joystick/mouse & CGA Req.

DRAW2.LZH Paint/draw program for PC. uses keyboard, no mouse or js needed.

MACHII.LZH A really good paint program for CGA

PC_PEN.LZH Draw program done in BASIC. good!







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